Our Vision & Mission

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Parama in Sanskrit shall mean “the best”. From this understanding we attempt to dedicate and present the best work of art or entertainment for the entertainment world to the public be it in Indonesia or international world.

The motto of Parama Entertainment shall be “do the best”, which shall mean that we will give the best, where upon its development in time the art and entertainment world will continue to be in balance with the development of the era and technology. In order to be able to present the best result, Parama Entertainment shall become a company which should always make an effort to prioritize quality rather than quantity which shall not only be applied on merely the work product, but also on the professionalism within the body of Parama Entertainment itself. With such motto, then we shall continue to maintain our existence in the entertainment world be it in Indonesia or internationally.

In a continuous cycle within the body of Parama Entertainment, then we shall apply the same to the world of entertainment business of national or international scale, Parama Entertainment expects to become a balance point and benchmark in the world of the entertainment business.


To become a bridge in the form of a one stop entertainment company by way of providing all the necessities in the entertainment business to the maximum in Indonesia or internationally.


To enhance the quality of the entertainment world in Indonesia to be of the same level with that of the international entertainment world without violating the prevailing norms in Indonesia.

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