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To be the best and provide the best, Parama provides facilities such as facilities for physical needs such as fitness center which shall be provided for the fitness of our talents. And to train and enhance the acting or singing skills we cooperate with Yayuk Sena and Ucok from the Art Institute of Jakarta. The facilities for the appearance and beauty were also provided by cooperating with Pravda salon which is intended to improve the appearance of our talents to suit the character required be it for photo sessions or a role.

Other facilities provided by Parama aside from those above mentioned shall be the casting room with all the equipment, for the graphic design division, photography and others, Parama also provides sophisticated and comprehensive facilities in that they shall give satisfaction to the clients requiring our services in the entertainment business.


0 #1 El 2016-10-27 09:45
Hello.im Ellery age 44. Have been an international model for 20 years. Am mixed Indo-European.

I want to send my pics n biodata.

Thanks n rgs

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