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Our History

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Starting from Talent Management in 2000 which only consisted of 5 (five) models. At the time, since our models required a medium which is able to take up and develop their talents, we then established Jhonny Management. In line with the increase of our models which initially only consisted of 5 people which continuously
growing, we then developed our business in the fields of photography and production house.

The initial thought for the establishment of the business in the field of photography and production house was since our models required photography services to develop and enhance their talents and further we were thinking what would it be like if such photos move and tell stories, then we attempted for such picture which were initially only photography works of art may be developed to become a movie, widescreen or television serial. Our exploration focuses on the talents to become a character in a movie with a product that shall be the best, dynamic and original.

In a completeness of a movie, picture and voice shall be importantly required. As such we established recording division as a musical processor which in the end shall become a strength in such movie. In the end the recording division shall become a separate part in the body of Parama which shall be driven by Dorie Kalmas and we are prepared to become a part of the entertainment world in Indonesia.

Each division existing in Parama Entertainment which we established shall have their respective duties to be able to maintain the continuity of the performance in the company so as to be in line with the consumers’ needs. We further established a new division namely graphic design as a supporting to the entire work product. Although Parama is not a pioneer in the entertainment world in Indonesia, we still attempt to provide the best. Then the packing or image that we shall be presenting must be the best as well. With such initial thoughts that the graphic design division was established which is not only for the needs of Parama but also for offering its services to the vast community.

All the products of Parama Entertainment will not reach the community should they not be introduced of promoted. Therefore promotion shall become an important necessity for introducing the products and services of Parama Entertainment. With the such we established another division, namely Event Organizer (EO) which shall have the duties to making promotional events, launching, and the sales thereof to the vast community.

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